The Write Experience

Alexis Collins '17 utilized her writing skills during a recent internship with Lynchburg Living magazine.

Alexis Collins ’17 utilized her writing skills during a recent internship with Lynchburg Living magazine.

An English major at Randolph, Alexis Collins ’17 has done plenty of writing. But there was something extra satisfying about seeing her first article appear on the website for Lynchburg Living magazine this spring. “It was definitely different, knowing that it’s not just my name that was on it—it was me as a representative for the magazine,” Collins said. “It was a neat feeling to know that my name was out there and that more people would see what I wrote.”

Alexis Collins '17

Alexis Collins ’17

In addition to that article about Lynchburg Living’s Bride of the Year luncheon, Collins learned about the inner workings of the magazine and its client database as part of a recent internship. As an added bonus, she even got social media managing experience as an administrator for the Central Virginia Bridal Guide’s Facebook page.

“I liked it, and I think it was useful to learn more about social media and get communications experience,” she said. “While job hunting, I’ve noticed a lot of jobs want people who can write, but who also have social media, marketing, and those kinds of skills, so I think this was a good experience to have under my belt.”

Writing is a hobby Collins has enjoyed her entire life. As a child, she recalls her parents reading to her and her twin sister. Over time, she and her sister started writing their own stories about the imaginary lives of their stuffed animals.

“Storytelling has been a big part of my life,” she said. “It lets me use my imagination and be creative. You can create your own world, and it’s something you can completely control yourself.”

After Randolph, Collins hopes to become a writer, editor, or copy editor. In her role as a tutor for the College’s Writing Lab, she found a new appreciation for proofreading and helping her fellow students improve their writing.

“Randolph has really taught me, first of all, to be a better writer,” Collins said. “The curriculum is so writing intensive, and my creative writing classes were so tight-knit, so I really got individual attention here and felt like that really helped me grow as a person. I was also painfully shy growing up, and I still kind of battle that, but Randolph really helped me come out of my shell, especially because of the small classes where you have to speak up.”