One of Our Own

Sara Woodward ’16 named new sustainability coordinator

Sara Woodward '16 was hired as Randolph's sustainability coordinator and assistant to the director of Buildings & Grounds this summer.

Sara Woodward ’16 was hired as Randolph’s sustainability coordinator and assistant to the director of Buildings & Grounds this summer.

From the moment she arrived on Randolph’s campus as a first year, Sara Woodward ’16 has been highly involved in sustainability projects. She continues to make a difference at the College as an alumna—only now she’s getting paid to do it.

“I really do love this place and I care about the community,” said Woodward, who was recently named sustainability coordinator and assistant to the director of Buildings & Grounds. “To be able to focus all my energy on making this beautiful campus an even better place is just awesome. I would probably enjoy doing this on another college campus or for another business, but to be able to do it here at a place I already love and am connected to is just perfect.”

In her new role, Woodward’s responsibilities range from supervising each of the College’s sustainability and environmental initiatives to taking care of chickens in the Organic Garden. She was a part of Randolph’s sustainability efforts as a student, serving as a student representative on the College’s Sustainability Council, a member of the Environmental Club, and a tutor for multiple environmental studies courses.

She received numerous awards and recognitions, including the Outstanding Environmental Studies Senior Award and the Maude Huff Fife Award for highest GPA in the senior class. She also graduated with honors in environmental science.

Woodward follows Ludovic Lemaitre ’11, Randolph’s first sustainability coordinator. Lemaitre recently took a position as a prospect researcher in the College’ Office of Institutional Advancement.

Karin Warren, the Herzog Family Chair of Environmental Studies, said hiring Randolph graduates has many benefits. “Sara is one of our own, so we know first-hand how well-prepared she is academically and what a pleasure she is to work with,” Warren said. “We’ll see great things from her, and her efforts will benefit our entire campus and help us continue to pursue the goals of a sustainable community.”

One of Woodward’s primary goals is to involve more students in the College’s sustainability initiatives and projects. “We’ve all heard the ‘every little bit counts’ line, but in a small community like Randolph individual efforts make a significant difference,” she said. “My goal is to continuously generate interest and to establish an environment where sustainable actions are simple and fun. I also hope to help students develop the skills to become the sustainability leaders we need.” President Bradley W. Bateman also sees the position as an opportunity for students to make a difference.

“The sustainability coordinator position allows us to involve students in improving the way we operate the College,” he said. “It’s a practical, hands-on way to extend their education.”