The Creative Campus

Dance performance. The Greek Play WildCat Theatre performs Mother Courage Chamber Orchestra Studio Art

There’s no shortage of inspiration at Randolph College. Look around at the rolling green lawns of front campus, the rich, red brick of the historic Main Hall, or the unique, shaded Mabel K. Whiteside Greek Theatre in the Dell. Students are encouraged to develop their original self through creative endeavors, like dance, theatre, musical performance, creative writing, or art.

An emphasis is placed on providing students with outlets and venues for their creativity. Randolph’s partnership with the National Gallery, London is the only one of its kind among educational institutions in the United States, and offers Randolph students special internship opportunities in London. Students also have access to theatre professionals involved with Randolph’s theatre-in-residence, Endstation Theatre Company.

From the long-running Greek Play, the Maier Museum of Art, the Symposium of Artists and Scholars, and the many theatrical performances held each year to the Annual Dance Concert, Hail, Muse! Etc., and even the Poetry Tree, there are plenty of ways for students to share their art.

At Randolph, students, faculty, and staff are able to experience The Creative Campus—an environment that values and encourages the creative talents of the individuals who call it home.

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