The Randolph Plan

The Randolph Plan

A college career is a journey filled with twists and turns, ups and downs, and almost limitless choices. The path to graduation is colorful, filled with straightaways, unexpected turns, and treasures along the way. The choices students make—whether they be academic, to participate in co-curricular activities, or even where to study abroad—can change the route along the way and even alter the end destination.

At Randolph College, students are not alone for the adventure. In this Game of Life®, faculty members go along for the ride, helping students navigate the often confusing road through college.

Students set goals and then set out to experience coursework, internships, service opportunities, research, and study abroad. Along the way, they meet frequently with their faculty advisors, and engage in intentional conversations that use these experiences to inform future class choices.

Much more than a typical advising program, The Randolph Plan is a framework that helps students connect their experiences throughout college. An internship may reveal a student’s need for additional coursework; a volunteer experience may spark a new passion for social work. Work with the Organic Garden may develop into a lifelong desire to live a sustainable life, and a leadership opportunity on campus could showcase a natural gift for interpersonal communication.

At the heart of a liberal arts college is a foundation offering a breadth of knowledge that prepares students to think critically and creatively and to engage with the world around them. Every experience is an opportunity for growth and learning.

This issue of Randolph magazine looks at The Randolph Plan and how it helps students connect their academic and real world experiences to ensure that they are prepared for an ever-changing world after graduation.