From the President

Bradley W. Bateman, President of Randolph College

Bradley W. Bateman, President of Randolph College

The first time I heard about the Randolph Plan was more than a decade ago, when I came to the College to serve as a reviewer for the economics department. The name was different then, but the crux of Randolph’s advising program was the same. I remember thinking this student-centered program was a big part of what made the College unique.

I often talk to alumnae and alumni who don’t recall such a program. However, as we talk, they tell me about their faculty advisors and the large role they played in helping them make decisions about classes, internships, and the future. Whether they knew it by name or not, these graduates benefited from Randolph’s advising program.

Our faculty members are the heart of this institution. They are dedicated to teaching and committed to their students. One of the places this is most evident is by the amount of effort they put into advising their students.

Here at Randolph, advising goes beyond simply checking off academic requirements. It’s about discussions and conversations. It’s about faculty mentors helping students really think about their experiences—whether in the classroom, conducting research, through an internship, while studying abroad, or even while volunteering in the community. It’s about connecting these experiences as they happen and using them to make informed, intentional academic choices. It’s about setting real goals—and meeting them. The college experience goes beyond the walls of the classroom. The real beauty of a liberal arts foundation is the breadth of experience it provides to our students. The Randolph Plan helps students gain the right experiences and then use them to make the choices that will ultimately allow them to fulfill their long-term goals.

In this issue of Randolph magazine, you’ll learn about the Randolph Plan. You will read how our students and faculty are taking advantage of the numerous opportunities and experiences available to them. And you will meet a few students and graduates who exemplify the success of a Randolph education.

Like that familiar, old board game, The Game of Life®, the college journey is filled with surprises, hills, and challenges. As our students navigate their way to graduate, they are faced with numerous choices and decisions that will ultimately affect their path. Thanks to the Randolph Plan, our students never travel this route alone. Their faculty advisors are by their sides every step of the way, guiding and mentoring them as they make their way toward graduation. That hard-earned diploma is not the end destination, however. It is a ticket to the start of a whole new adventure— the pursuit of a life more abundant.

It is a journey for which they are well prepared.

Vita abundantior.

Bradley W. Bateman