From the President

Bradley W. Bateman, President of Randolph College

Bradley W. Bateman, President of Randolph College

Fall is a beautiful time to be at Randolph College. The trees around campus turn vibrant shades of orange, yellow, and red, creating a postcard-worthy view from almost any vantage point. Classes and cocurricular activities are in full swing, and we turn our attention to typical autumn traditions such as Pumpkin Parade, the Greek Play, soccer games, and Homecoming.

Fall also brings the beginning of the holiday season, and I cannot think of a better time to stop, take a breath, and give thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this special Randolph College family. As a small, private liberal arts institution, we are not without our challenges. But every day, I am reminded in some way of the importance of what we do here behind the Red Brick Wall. As I talk with students in the hallways or at events, I hear the passion in their voices as they share what they are learning in the classroom or at an internship for a local organization. It is a privilege to watch these young women and men grow and develop a confident sense of self during their time here at Randolph.

I do not put much stock in rankings, but I believe it is no accident that Randolph College is consistently recognized nationwide for its stellar faculty. In recent years, our faculty members have been named #1 in the nation for accessibility, 13th in the nation for Best Professors, and 16th in the nation for Professors Get High Marks by various leading guidebooks.

During the fall, you can often find our professors outside with their classes, taking advantage of a beautiful sunny day by holding class near the Sundial or leading a group of students out on front campus to identify the various trees by their leaves. Our faculty do not just teach. They mentor.

They lead. They guide. And they inspire.

Since this College was founded in 1891, it has remained focused on providing students with a high-quality liberal arts education designed to prepare them for the world. We are unapologetically a liberal arts school and believe wholeheartedly that the foundation offered here at Randolph is what students need to be successful in life.

All of us at Randolph College are thankful to all of you for your support of this wonderful institution. Your generous contributions over the years have allowed us to provide this important educational experience to today’s students—and the students of tomorrow.

Vita abundantior.

Bradley W. Bateman President