The Big Payoff

John Croney '13

Hard work, persistence, and a solid liberal arts education helped John Croney ’13 land his dream job.

Investment bankers, business journalists, and stock brokers depend daily on information that helps them know more about companies around the world. John Croney ’13 makes it his daily mission to uncover that data for them.

Shortly after graduating from Randolph College last year, Croney became an equity analyst for Bloomberg Financial. Working out of the company’s Princeton, New Jersey, office, he gathers information from earnings reports, financial statements, and other sources, and makes the data available to Bloomberg’s clients.

Croney enjoys seeing major players in the financial markets use the data he researches. “I can see what the best finance managers in the world are doing,” he said.

Croney said attending a small school for a liberal arts education was a great way to prepare for a career revolving around the fast-paced financial world.

“The background of the liberal arts certainly helped me,” Croney said. “There are people I was hired with who have finance or economics degrees but don’t have exposure to management or marketing principles. The liberal arts gave me the ability to understand different aspects and not be so localized.”

Croney majored in business, but his psychology and history minors helped him add breadth to his understanding of finance and economics, he said. Serving as captain of the men’s lacrosse team and treasurer of student government allowed him to develop leadership and interpersonal skills.

“The school was small enough that every relationship mattered,” Croney said. “That helps me work in groups now.”

Securing his current position was not easy. During his senior year, Croney met often with Krista Leighton, Randolph’s director of career development, to work on his job search. He also received advice from Lucy Williams Hooper ’73, a former chair of the Board of Trustees who works for an investment firm in Richmond.

Hooper told Croney about job opportunities at Bloomberg. Last summer, Croney had two interviews followed quickly by a job offer. Leighton remembers Croney’s determination to succeed, and she was happy to hear that his efforts paid off. “John is a great example of how persistence is key in meeting one’s career goals,” Leighton said.